Saturday, 22 November 2014

Apple Watch ready for mass production with at least 30 million units expected?

If the latest rumors are accurate, Apple is ready for mass production of its Apple Watch smartwatch, with an order of at least 30 million units already placed.
The device is expected to launch in February, and the rumors come via Apple's east Asian chip manufacturers. 

30 million for an unproven product is certainly a big figure, and rival Android Wear devices have struggled to reach the millions even after months of release meaning Apple appears to be very, very confident. 

For the Apple Watch, the company is using a new system-in-package (SiP) chip called the "S1." The S1 is a custom silicon chip "that stacks and integrates multiple subsystems into an area small enough to fit within a wristwatch's small footprint." Jony Ive has said the S1 is "is entirely encapsulated in resin for superior protection against the elements" but little else is known about the SiP. 

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